These animals were the prehistoric ancestors of the modern squid. The Orthoceras were very active animals who swam in warm shallow waters by pushing water out of their body cavities. At the time of the emergence of the Orthoceras (the Ordovician Period 500 million years ago), there was a great submergence of the lands with the spread of the shallow seas. This environment spawned the evolution of the Orthoceras. The Orthoceras was a carnivorous, shelled cephalopod who at times grew to be 6 feet long.

These extinct sea animals first began appear approximately 570 million years ago during the Precambrian Period. The evolution of the Lower Devonian (Paleozoic Period) ammonoids took place primarily 350-400 million years ago. The Ammonites belong to a class of sea animals called cephalopods which are the most intelligent kind of mollusks. These shells were divided into chambers, with the animal living in the chamber next to the opening. These mollusks had both eyes and tentacles and ranged in size from 1/2 inch to 6 feet. Ammonite are the ancestor of the present day sea snails.

Note: the background on all pictures is white pegboard with holes spaced at 1" apart
Shipping and packaging will be determined on each plate.

Ammonite and Orthoceras fossil plate
ammonite is 5.5" orthoceras is 14". The plate is aprox. 17" X 11"

10" ammonite.

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